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5 Steps to target the right influencers

Diogo Mouro
Diogo Mouro

One of the critical factors for a successful Influencer Marketing campaign is the ability to target the right influencers to participate in it. Trying to have the same message reaching everyone without barriers is one of the biggest mistakes marketers make when managing Influencer Marketing campaigns.

Selecting our audience correctly allows us to tailor our communication and marketing efforts to that audience ensuring that the whole campaign is more appealing and effective.

To assist you with this task, we’ve compiled these five steps to help you target the right influencers:

1. Define a strategy and objectivesMan sitting against a brick wall

The first step in targeting the right influencers is to define the strategy and the objectives for the campaign.

What metrics do you want to use to measure your campaign? Do you want to focus on reach, impressions, likes, views, clicks? Want to talk to your consumers or look for new ones? Do you want to build a brand and relationships or do you want to direct consumers to the store, to a website or to a questionnaire? How long is the campaign going to last?

And do you want content generated by your brand and shared by influencers or content produced and shared by consumers? What message do you want to send out? What do you want consumers to say about your brand and what do you want them to do?

These are some of the questions that you need to address before taking the next step.

2. Create Personas

Create profiles for the influencers you want to reach. Define the demographic characteristics of these profiles. Describe the environment in which they live and their relationships. Also, elaborate on the psychographic profile and on what their motivations and behaviours are.

Create a detailed story about the influencer you want to target. The more details you can include, the easier it will be to identify opportunities, to target, and to select influencers for your campaign.

3. Keep in mind the reach and relevance and do not forget the resonance

Do not forget that the reach tends to go the opposite way of engagement. Influencers with followers in the millions tend to engage less with their audience, while those influencers with less reach are traditionally more relevant to their audience.

The resonance of these influencers is also crucial to your success. Who are the followers of these influencers? Are they in your geographical area? Do they have the same interests? Do you see the influencer as a role model? Do they align with the audience you want to reach in your campaign?

It makes no sense to have influencers in your campaign with little or no resonance, irrelevant resonance or influencers whose followers aren’t geographically located within your target audience.

4. Endorse their quality and history

Investigate the history of your influencers, see if the content produced and shared meets the values of your brand. Understand their behaviour in the industry, and their connection to other sectors of activity.

Question their participation in other campaigns and their mentions of your competition. Understand how frequently they post. You will not want someone in your campaign who only publishes once a year.

5. Use a platform that automates the process to target the right influencers.

Finally, there is the question of automation and scale. All of these procedures can only be performed on a large scale using Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) platforms, platforms that automate the identification, selection, contact and management of influencers.

At Youzz

At Youzz we’ve automated all of the influencer selection steps so you can access detailed demographic and psychographic information from more than half a million influencers, allowing you to target the right influencers for your campaigns.

With more than 500 projects developed over the last several years, Youzz has a community of more than 500,000 influencers (youzzers) opted in (who volunteer to participate in the community) in over 25 countries with a combined reach of more than 750 million people.

It is a powerful “consumer media network” in which you can, through the aid of defined automation build relationships, interact with influencers within your industry and measure the results.

For great results, email us here.

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Diogo Mouro

With 20 years of brand activation experience, always on the agency side, he worked with clients from all sectors: automobiles, ice cream, software or beverages. Institutional brands, large multinationals and regional brands. In 2012, without a doubt that the future was already digital, he dropped everything to integrate Youzz. Since then he has been building and strengthening the link between brands and influencers at Youzz, aiming to build the largest global network of influencers. The biggest challenge he still can not overcome remains explaining to his 7- and 3-year-old children what Daddy does for a living.

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