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How to effectively manage digital influencers

Salvador da Cunha
Salvador da Cunha

One of the biggest obstacles marketers face when developing influencer marketing campaigns is to have selection, targeting and contact with influencers effective and possible.

Manual processes associated with Excel lists have been the main tool, but even those who do this know that it is not the best path and that there are more effective tools. While, on the one hand, the influencer marketing market is increasingly geared towards engaging brand-lovers with good ratings (the Magic Middle and Long Tail parts of the influencer pyramid) rather than A-Lists (professional influencers and paid celebrities), on the other hand, faces a problem of size: to reach the same audience with Magic Middle and Long Tail influencers, marketers are required to to enlist a greater number of influencers than they would have needed when utilizing A-listers.

Working with a platform that automates the identification, selection, contact and management of influencers is therefore essential to achieve these goals. This is called IRM (Influencer Relationship Management): The tool that allows you to engage with hundreds or even thousands of influencers, especially on the basis of deep segmentations, cross audiences with psychographic profiles.

The automation of an influencer marketing campaign has the following requirements:

1. Marketplace

It is crucial to have a platform in place that connects brands to influencers where the influencers can register knowing exactly what to expect.

There are several possible segmentations in youzz platform: Personal and family information, address, contacts, workplace, areas of interest, personal interest, family relationships, friends and work colleagues, brand and product perception, social network presence, combined audience level on their main social networks. We have 90 required fields that enables us to gather useful information regarding our influencers and there for we can easily segment them

Another additional benefit that comes with youzz’s platform is the possibility to exchange information with the influencers. The communication process is automated and improved to be more engaging and personalized.

2. Influencer Selection

Prior to the existence of IRM platforms, the selection process was hard and long, taking several weeks. Hours and hours on Google, searching for the right influencers, checking existing lists to create a relevant database, which was often not qualified according to your goals.

A platform like youzz enables the selection of highly relevant influencers based on a range of segmentation options in an instant.

Influencers are invited to fill in qualification surveys for specific campaigns according to their sociodemographic and geographic profiles and their ability to deliver contents, and this information is then cross-referenced with each one’s audience.

This process has the great advantage of finding very quickly the proper influencers to a campaign. Crossing with their audience level ensures that the return in the investment (ROI) can be maximized.

3. Recruitment

The recruitment process takes place after a careful analysis of the qualification questionnaire. The platform selects the most relevant and influential youzzers for each campaign due to their detailed profiles.

At this stage, when selecting the best influencers, additional non automatic criteria can be applied, such as monitoring their participation in previous campaigns with competing brands.

The communication process with them has several stages along the campaigns that enables us to easily select, invite and most importantly manage the ongoing campaign via an automated system of communication. The majority of the processes are gone through after 5 or 6 interactions.

4. Workflow

After selecting and formally invite influencers to participate we start running the campaign. At youzz we take onboard trial campaigns, new product testing, invite youzzers to attend launch events, or we can only work on costumer market insights for our client to research and obtain a deeper understanding of costumers and trends.

All of this is only manageable in terms of time because the youzz platform sends every challenge, briefing or mission automatically to the selected participants.

5. Analytics

The best advantage of having an automated system in place for influencer marketing campaigns is the content tracking process. We can replicate all content related to a specific campaign in real-time and have it available for our clients in a dashboard.

In this dashboard, it is possible to follow, on a daily basis, all the content produced in blogs and social networks, monitoring the results of reach, impressions, feelings and engagement.

It is also possible to monitor personal conversations that the influencers are conveying through periodic surveys about the product, levels of satisfaction, likelihood of recommendation (Net Promoter Score) and the probability of acquiring the product.

About youzz

Youzz is a startup, already in the fast growing phase with years of experience, that manages a platform of influencer marketing with more than 500 projects developed over the last years, in countries like Portugal, Spain, UK, France, Brazil and other Latin American countries. The campaigns developed by youzz have produced truly extraordinary indicators.

Youzz has a community of more than 500 000 influencers (youzzers) opt in (who volunteer to participate in the community) in about 25 countries with a combined reach of more than 750 million people. It is a powerful “consumer media network” in which you can, in an automated way, build relationships and interact with influencers of your audience.

Youzz is scalable influencer marketing made simple!

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