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The rise of new types of influencers – Micro influencers

Francisco Ascensão
Francisco Ascensão

A numbers game

Influencers are very much a part of almost any company’s marketing strategy this days.

But what do marketeers know about influencers? Very little…

So far, the current practice has been to personally contact them, shortening to only a dozen, or even two dozen of influencers. The most obvious ones. The Bloggers or Youtubers with the biggest numbers of followers or celebrities have been the most sought by brands. But as celebrities, they do not like their message to be controlled, they make demands and above all they want to be paid – The A- List.

Up until now, utilising influencers within a marketing strategy has been a numbers game – aligning yourself with the person with the largest number of followers to reap results and reach.

Reach is not the name of the game

But reach doesn’t mean everything today. There has been a shift towards strategies that focus on the qualitative, rather than the quantitative, aspects of social media influence.

Authenticity, deeper storytelling, higher engagement and the potential of reaching a more tailored audience are shifting brands to a new type of influencers. More and more, brands are turning to people with a lower number of followers to help them share their messages.

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Micro Influencers have it all

These are the so called ‘micro-influencers’ – everyday social media users with fewer than 10,000 followers.

There are tens of millions of normal, non-professional influencers today. When stacked together they have audiences large enough, through collective reach, to make a difference in conversations and trends that are hugely powerful across social media.

It can be hard enough to manage 2, 5, 10 A-list influencers, imagine working simultaneously with a hundreds or even thousands of Long Tail or Magic Middle influencers. Identifying influencers outside this A-List ecosystem has been the main challenge for marketers.

Nowadays, through platforms such as Youzz, it is possible to identify and manage thousands of influencers at the same time. Remember, influencers with a smaller audience have higher engagement rates. When you group these together and provide it with scalability it can be incredibly effective. Much more effective than working with a few A-listers.

It’s only math

We also need to consider the changes in Social Media algorithms, which are reducing engagement levels. It turns out that once a social media influencer reaches a critical mass of followers, audience engagement actually begins to decrease. This isn’t good for branded campaigns when serious money is invested.

In the field of influencer marketing, segmentation is absolutely crucial. It is not enough to segment influencers considering only the number of followers. We need to take into account what they represent in terms of similar characteristics and engagement to their followers.

Furthermore, it’s simple math. If a sportswear company, for example, collaborates with a social celebrity with 1 million followers, it can reach a large audience, but 90 percent of them may not be sports fans. It would make much more sense to activate 500 self-proclaimed athletes whose followers are actually interested in athletics, and much more passionate about it.

The power of influencer marketing

This is only possible through tech platforms like Youzz. With an opt in model, Youzz functions as a marketplace between brands and influencers, creating an incredibly detailed profile for each influencer and their audience at your disposal to use the power of influencer marketing to its extent.

Youzz is influencer marketing made simple.

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Francisco Ascensão

I started Youzz in 2009 and entered the world of Influencer marketing. In 2010, I joined Salvador and together we decided to conquer the world. Until that time I was in preparation mode, learning and experimenting, to finally grab the entrepreneurship “beast”. Everything was good experiences. From selling Schweppes and Trinaranjus to cafes and restaurants, listening to more than 50 nons a day, to the creation of marketing and trademarketing plans in the Gillette Group. But the experience is never complete if we do not experience the other side, in this case, in Waygroup, where for 5 years I managed marketing and communication agencies. At present, the challenge is enormous - building the largest global network of influencers. For all who are, there is only one place - Youzz. Welcome!

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