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Webinar: the rise of micro-influencers

Francisco Ascensão
Francisco Ascensão

Influencers are very much a part of almost any company’s marketing strategy these days.

So far the current practice has been personal contacts with only a dozen, or even two dozen influencers. The most obvious ones – Celebrities, Bloggers or Youtubers with more followers have been the most sought by brands.

Up until now, using influencers within a marketing strategy has been a numbers game. But reach doesn’t mean everything today. There has been a shift in the way they are being used towards strategies that focus on the qualitative, rather than the quantitative, aspects of social media influence.

Authenticity, deeper storytelling, higher engagement and the potential of reaching a more tailored audience are shifting brands to a new type of influencers. More and more, brands are turning to people with a lower number of followers to help them share their messages.

These are the so called “micro-influencers” – everyday social media users with less than 10,000 followers.



Check the recording and learn how to find, select and engage with the new generation of influencers.

This Webinar was first published at GORKANA.




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Francisco Ascensão

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