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With Micro Influencers – NESPRESSO achieved more than 2.6 million impressions

Nelson Patrício
Nelson Patrício

Micro influencers, magic middle and long tail, had the opportunity to discover the Barista hidden in themselves.

We challenged them to be creative with 10 Barista Chiaro and Barista Scuro limited editions from NESPRESSO, and we offered them, as an incentive, the opportunity to receive the new NESPRESSO Aeroccino so they could add the perfect foam to their coffee.

More than 1600 contents were published generating more than 2.6 million prints.

Click on the video for the case study to hear all about this success:

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Nelson Patrício

He dreamt of becoming a judge but quickly changed his mind, due to his passion and loyalty to marketing. Grew up in the Adwords, SEM, SEO neighbourhood and was there for the beginning of creative digital content. Still prefers a good story-doing over storytelling. In 13 years of work, he has embraced several brands and projects of management and marketing, both within agencies and the client side. His ambitions are to one day to have a home-office on an Island ... Somewhere in the Pacific.

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