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A youzzer is a:

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Trend Setter

Becoming a real trend setter, having the power to influence your friends and social networks followers.

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Content Creator

Creating enjoyable content together with your favourite brands and post it online.

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Product Tester

Being able to represent brands to the market by testing products for free and giving your honest opinion.

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Team player

Being part of a massive brand lovers community and have the power to influence millions of people!

In each campaign you'll have a unique experience.

When you sign up for youzz, you become an ambassador to the brands you choose to work with and receive exclusive benefits, such as access to unreleased products to test and give your opinion on, discounts, invitations to private or sponsored events, along with gifts and several other benefits.

It is also a way to feed your social networks with relevant content and information, and thus increase your audience size and reach

If the content becomes viral, you can even earn money from your social platforms. Youzz will help you to profit on platforms such as youtube and others that are paying for viral content.

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Start by registering on our community and filling your profile with information. It is crucial for us to know who you are and what you like so we can give you the best experience possible.

Every campaign is built from the product and service we partnered with. Whenever there is a new campaign we match your profile of interests and if there’s a match we send you an invitation or a qualification questionnaire so you can apply.

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We expect yout to give us your honest opinion and for you to share the experience on your social network. The channel is your choice: blog posts, youtube videos, instagram photos, etc.

Products always need to be improved and refined, brands seek your opinion to master this task.

The brands aim to create buzz around their new products through you. Your friends and followers trust your opinion so we count on your honest public opinions.

What did you and your friends think of the product or service? Send us yours and their feedback.

You can make the difference and become a trend setter by being a youzzer! You'll get hold of exciting and innovate products on first hand so you can set the mood!

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