Reach the most relevant worldwide influencers.
Get quick insights from your target consumers.
Gain new brand advocates.

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Youzz is a global network of real people, with the power to influence friends, peers, and followers.

About youzz

With youzz, through a selection process based on demographic, psychographic and community-specific data, brands can work with the right mix of influencers and consumers that represent them and are the best fit for their campaign or activity. By getting this right, brands can have an organic and genuine voice from real people.

About youzzers

Youzzers are common people but with great influence among friends and followers. They are very outgoing people that love to share their honest opinions about their favourite brands, products and services. They have their own areas of expertise and love to be the first ones trying out new brands. They are active advisors in their personal network and when it comes to digital platforms they can reach thousands of people.

  • +700k

    Influencers and brand advocates

  • +600

    Developed projects

  • +2000m

    Combinated reach

Youzz solutions

We offer a range of word-of-mouth and Consumer Insight Solutions that can be flexible to your requirements and objectives, isolated or integrated, generating buzz, decision making support while measuring their impact.

Influencer campaigns
Find, engage and manage influencers in a scale
Brand advocate programs
Find your advocates and get them to recommend your brand to their networks
Reviews generation
Get online ratings and referrals for your products from your target consumers and the best influencers out there
Consumer insights
Get to know your consumer behavior in your category, and all the necessary insights to build and develop your brand
Organize, analyse and collaborate with your network of influencers

83% Trusts recommendations from friends

and 83% say they take action on these opinions at least some of the time "

Nielsen's Global Trust
in Advertising Survey 2015

Contact information

Reach us at one of our global offices

Quinta da Fonte, Edifício D. Sancho I – Piso 3
2770-071 Paço de Arcos, Oeiras
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