Madeira it's magnificent views, dense and green forests, volcanic mountains, gardens with exuberant flowers, passion fruit flavour and dives in the blue Atlantic Ocean. It's the destination for those who seek a bluer sky and a brighter sun any time of the year. We are caring smiles, outstanding hospitality which inspires calm and safety. 

Madeira it's a Portuguese archipelago with 4 groups of islands: Madeira, Porto Santo, Desertas and Selvagens, from which only the two larger islands (Madeira and Porto Santo) are inhabited. Desertas and Selvagens are natural reserves and were named after that (in English, Deserted and Wild, respectively). 

The island is located at about 1000 km from the European mainland and about 500 km from Africa and has 741 km2, being 57 km long and 22 km wide. Porto Santo has 42.48 km2, being 11 km long and 6 km wide. 

Madeira’s geographic location and mountain orography, provide an amazing mild climate that varies between 25 oC in the summer and 17 oC in the winter, with very mild temperatures and moderate humidity through all year.



Madeira and Porto Santo islands are nationally and internationally known as a very special place to spend a memorable vacation. Their touristic potential and qualities are reinforced by the renowned distinctions that have been awarded to this destination over the years.
In 2013, 2014 and 2016 Madeira won the award for Europe’s Leading Island Destination, granted by World Travel Awards.



Madeira receives each visitor with arms wide open and offers unique moments that fill their hearts. More than a trip, Madeira is a set of memories.


Madeira has a wide variety of high quality accommodation, as the refinement of traditional hotels, the modern hotels and the nice hospitality of rural tourism houses that allow a close contact with nature, and the traditional villas that present a rich cultural heritage. 


Madeira is a safe destination, ideal for family vacation (including children and babies) or holidays with friends. Everything is close by, allowing travellers to experience many stories in few days. 


The excellent seafood and fresh fish dishes are a consequence of the proximity to the sea. Other “must eat” dish is beef skewer with a bay leaf stick, Fried Cornmeal and the typical Bolo do Caco with garlic butter. This island’s traditional dessert is Bolo-de-Mel (Honey Cake) and Poncha is the island’s most prestigious drink. 

POINTS OF INTEREST:  Mercado dos Lavradores | Carros de Cesto | Old Town


Madeira presents amazing living pictures full of colour and movement that will make you want visit the island times and times again. In addition, its natural area is so diversified and magnificent that you can choose to practice a calmer or a radical activity to raise your adrenaline. throughout all year. 


One of Madeira’s most attractive points is located in its exuberant landscape. Madeira’s indigenous forest “Laurissilva” was recognised by UNESCO, in 1999, as a World Heritage Nature Site, being one of the highest points of any trip to this archipelago. 


Madeira’s natural park was founded in 1982 and is classified as a Biogenetic Reserve in which there are unique fauna and flora. This area extends for 2/3 of the Island. 


Levadas are irrigation channels found in Madeira’s island. They originate in the need to bring large amounts of water from the island’s north side, where there is a high abundance of water, to its south side. They are about 3,000 km long and you can cover them by foot, accessing the heart of the island, where you will encounter breath-taking landscapes. 


Madeira is known not only by its natural beauty, but also by its gardens and parks that show a great diversity of flowers, plants and trees, carefully handled almost like an exhibition. 

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