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Are you Billbrave? Ready to face the music and be on top of bills?

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Are you Bill Blind or Bill Brave?


Are you ready to be bill brave?

 Do you receive your bills through the letterbox and put them to the back of your mind until they’re due to pay? Do you dread checking your monthly electricity usage, or worry that your phone bill will be through the roof?


Become part of the #BillBrave community on a journey toward better bill management.


From Bill Blind to Bill Brave

 Download the app, connect your accounts and you're ready to be #BillBrave
Share your experience of using WonderBill with your followers and let us know what being #BillBrave means to you.


Competition time!                                       

Get creative and show us what you would do with extra time and money every month. Every week there is the chance to win spot prizes and the three posts with the most engagement win all of their bills paid for a month, T&Cs apply!


Share your #BillBrave story

Review your experience of using WonderBill on your social channels. 

How did it help to have all bills in one place? Did you save any money?
We want to know about it!


Don't be bill blind!


This campaign has ended

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